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Meet us at Cisco Live in Las Vegas 2023

June 04 - 08, Booth 10405

Boost your solution with application and subscriber awareness

Meet our OEM experts at Cisco Live in Las Vegas (Mandalay Bay Convention Center, booth 10405). Discover how R&S can help you innovate faster with future-proof IP network analytics solutions from ipoque. Stop by and learn how you can boost networking and cybersecurity solutions with application and subscriber awareness to analyze, optimize and manage IP traffic and ensure the highest level of security and connectivity.

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icon - application awareness with next-gen DPI software

Next-gen DPI for application awareness

Deep packet inspection (DPI) enables granular visibility into network traffic up to the application layer and beyond. Our market-leading DPI engines R&S®PACE 2 and R&S®vPACE identify and classify thousands of applications and protocols and extract metadata in real time, even if traffic is encrypted or obfuscated. Weekly signature updates combined with continuous performance and reliability testing ensure that our DPI technology offers the highest traffic detection rate on the market.

icon subscriber awareness with GTP correlation software

User and control plane correlation for subscriber awareness

R&S®GSRM is the only software module for GTP correlation on the market, resolving data traffic per subscriber across 3G, 4G and 5G networks, that can be integrated directly into end solutions without vendor lock-in. Correlate control plane and user plane traffic within the core of mobile networks with R&S®GSRM. Filter, forward and load balance subscriber-specific GTP sessions to and across appropriate subsystems to optimize network performance, service quality and user experience.

Our OEM solutions are easy to integrate and come with flexible SLAs, enabling networking and cybersecurity providers to save development costs and accelerate time to market.

Live presentation: VPP DPI engine R&S®vPACE

Title: Why DPI is a must for vector packet processing
June 7, 2023/ 10:55 AM - 11:05 AM PT
World of Solutions - Content Corner 2

Developers are pushing for traffic management technologies to address the strong growth in traffic volumes and applications. Vector packet processing (VPP), designed to improve network speed and lower latency, is one of them.

Traffic visibility plays a key role in VPP. R&S®vPACE, a vectoring-enabled deep packet inspection (DPI) engine, is developed specifically for VPP and can be deployed into any VNF or CNF to deliver granular insights into protocols, applications and services.

In this session, participants will discover:

  • how to meet the high-performance requirements of cloud computing by combining VPP and DPI
  • how to utilize VPP and R&S®vPACE for ultra-efficient flow classification
  • insights into real-word use cases of DPI-enhanced VPP
About the speaker: Tobias Roeder portrait

About the speaker: Tobias Roeder

Contact me on LinkedIn

Senior Application Engineer at Rohde & Schwarz

Tobias holds a degree in electrical engineering and has more than ten years of experience in product development. For a number of years, Tobias has been working as an Application Engineer for deep packet inspection (DPI) software at ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company.

Tobias provides engineering services from the packet processing level up to the application level. In customer consulting, he identifies the optimal implementation to fulfill customer requirements and assists with the architectural decisions that go along with embedding DPI into network solutions.