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ipoque at Cisco Live

June 2 - 6, 2024
Booth 5888

Enhance your networking and cybersecurity solution with ipoque

Discover how our advanced technology can transform your networking and cybersecurity solutions at Cisco Live 2024. Visit booth 5888 to explore our cutting-edge OEM deep packet inspection (DPI) and encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI) technology. Our solutions are tailored to software engineering teams seeking to focus on their core competencies, optimize performance and enhance overall network security.

Explore next-gen DPI with encrypted traffic intelligence:

Meet our experts on-site who will showcase our DPI product portfolio, helping you learn how to:

Enhance application awareness:

  • Gain real-time insights into thousands of applications, protocols and services
  • Classify packets by criticality, bandwidth intensity as well as latency and speed sensitivity to optimize routing, resource allocation and reduced latency
  • Identify usage patterns and user attributes for informed decisions
  • Optimize traffic flows for better bandwidth allocation and enhanced quality of service
  • Utilize first packet classification for instant policy execution
  • Explore plug-and-play DPI for vectoring software frameworks including DPDK Graph and for cloud-based deployment

Stay ahead with encrypted traffic intelligence:

  • Extend visibility to encrypted, obfuscated and anonymized traffic
  • Classify encrypted applications and services in real-time for effective traffic management and policy enforcement
  • Identify specific types of encrypted traffic, such as OTT video and audio, to optimize delivery and manage costs
  • Address security threats hidden within encrypted traffic with targeted mitigation strategies

Secure a personalized meeting with our team at Cisco Live 2024. Discuss your networking and cybersecurity needs and explore how ipoque can help you save development costs, innovate faster and achieve your goals.