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Meet ipoque at 5G London 2019

Rohde & Schwarz is leading the development of test solutions that accelerate the adoption of 5G and ensure the network performance and user QoE including:

  • IP analytics for insights into network usage and trends
  • Intelligent QoE analytics to maximize network quality and performance
  • Device test at sub 6 GHz and mmWave
  • 5G NR network coverage and operation testing

The solutions we will be presenting are empowering communication service providers and operators to achieve a 360 degree view of their network, quality and subscriber base.

R&S®INTRA - The IP traffic analytics solution for CSPs

The analytics system provides granular visibility of the entire network with real-time reporting on network and subscriber data. R&S®INTRA ushers in a new era of data-driven decision making for better network planning and optimization. The solution amalgamates data for increased quality of service and experience and provides data for marketing.

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