Attracting young talent - ipoque at Career Meet-Up by Lancaster University Leipzig

ipoque is always on the lookout for fresh talents and seasoned professionals who are enthusiastic about software development and cutting-edge technologies. We understand the importance of attending career fairs to connect with like-minded individuals and explore potential career opportunities. Recently, our Recruiting team members, Jessica Grimm and Sebastian Langwald, had the opportunity to participate in the "Career Meet-up" organized by Lancaster University Leipzig. Sebastian shares his insights and what he loves about career events.

Sebastian, why does ipoque participate in career fairs like this one? Aren't job ads sufficient?

I believe that personal interaction outweighs any job ad, no matter how creative it may be. With competitors just a click away, standing out merely through appealing job ads has become increasingly challenging. To attract young talents, personal engagement is crucial. There are two primary reasons for our participation in the Career Meet-up. Firstly, these fairs offer an excellent platform to showcase our company. In a relaxed setting, students gain insight into our state-of-the art products, processes, and the people behind them.

Secondly, engaging directly with prospective applicants holds immense value. These fairs serve as a prime opportunity for us to actively scout for new talent for ipoque. Engaging in conversations with a diverse array of individuals presents us with numerous avenues for potential collaboration. Moreover, our aim isn't solely to persuade them on the spot. Rather, our goal is to provide an open invitation to individuals to get to know ipoque authentically and on equal footing.

"Engaging in conversations with a diverse array of individuals presents us with numerous avenues for potential collaboration."

-Sebastian Langwald-

Undoubtedly, you had many intriguing conversations. What was your personal highlight?

Our ability to trigger eureka moments for many young talents after showcasing our solutions was particularly gratifying. Who knows? We may have persuaded the next rising star to join ipoque, eventually transitioning from a working student to a permanent position. Sometimes, it all begins with a simple "hello" at a career fair.

What unique benefits does ipoque offer emerging talents that set us apart from other companies?

Simply offering compensation and perks is no longer enough. I believe that the biggest benefit we’re offering to working students is our expertise and long-term field experience. Our working students have the opportunity to collaborate closely with highly-skilled and extremely competent team members, enriching their learning experience. We provide access to a modern and comprehensive technology stack developing innovative products aimed at creating a secure and connected world. The scope of work is both exciting and diverse, presenting students with a wide array of challenges across a broad technological spectrum. It's not uncommon for our working students to transition into permanent positions within the company, highlighting the potential for growth and career advancement at ipoque.

"We provide access to a modern technology stack developing innovative products aimed at creating a secure and connected world."

Lastly, a classic interview question: What motivates you to invest your time in ipoque?

It's a simple question with myriad answers. Firstly, I enjoy working with people. Understanding where potentials lie and determining if there's a mutual fit is akin to solving a puzzle, which I find fulfilling. In the end, every company is a bit like a big puzzle, where you have to search and find the correct pieces and place them in the right spots. Moreover, I find our products and solutions incredibly exciting and see significant societal value in them. In addition, the stability of our family-run parent company Rohde & Schwarz offers reassurance. Ultimately, I relish the challenge of recruiting top talent and contributing to the success of ipoque. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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