Rohde & Schwarz Adds Emerging WireGuard VPN Protocol to its Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Software Library, R&S®PACE 2

Network Security Vendors Can Now Detect and Manage Fast-Growing WireGuard VPN Traffic

Leipzig, Germany – Jan. 23, 2019 – ipoque GmbH, a Rohde & Schwarz company, today announced the addition of the innovative WireGuard VPN protocol to its R&S®PACE 2 deep packet inspection (DPI) library. With this addition, ipoque enables network security vendors to detect the world’s fastest-growing VPN protocol and effectively manage VPN traffic built on it.

WireGuard is the future of VPN protocols. Already, ipoque detects 70 of the top VPN services worldwide, and aims to detect 100 by June 2019. Launched in 2015, WireGuard is a next-generation, general purpose VPN tunnel. WireGuard boasts a relatively small attack surface that exploits cutting-edge cryptography at superior ease and speed. Running on embedded interfaces and supercomputers alike, its compact code base makes it faster and easier to use cross-platform compared to alternative solutions including IPSec and OpenVPN.

WireGuard is challenging established solutions and finding fast market acceptance because it:

• Operates entirely in kernel space, making it fast

• Does not send packets until there’s real data to send, so reduces mobile device battery drain

• Maintains seamless, persistent connections as mobile devices change network interface for improved roaming :

As VPN service providers increasingly include WireGuard, network security vendors need to ensure they are able to manage it.

By adding the WireGuard VPN protocol to R&S®PACE 2, firewall and other network security vendors can now effectively detect WireGuard VPN tunneling protocols and better manage the growing WireGuard encrypted traffic load. This ensures that network security vendors are able to create highly secure, high-performing network security products.

“The security provided by firewalls and VPNs is only as strong as the protocol rules and policies you create,” said Stephan Klokow, director of ipoque’s DPI technology “Although Wireguard is still experimental, it is finding rapid acceptance. By including WireGuard in our R&S®PACE 2 DPI software library, network security vendors can create products that detect and manage WireGuard traffic and stand out in the marketplace.”

To learn more about how network security equipment vendors use the DPI engine R&S®PACE 2 to enhance their network protection products and add value for their customers, read the network security white paper or read the network security case studies.

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