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Enterprise applications cover the entire spectrum of mobile, desktop, and web applications accessed by employees and external users such as suppliers, agents, and customers. These applications typically support the business operations of an enterprise and are usually connected with one another. Business operations of an enterprise are highly dependent on uninterrupted access to these applications.

APM solutions give companies an invaluable view of the customer experience, from the customer’s perspective. APM tools can show what works and what doesn’t. They can also provide data that can be used to map out a path forward in understanding how to provide end-users with the kind of interactions and engagement they’re looking for.

The crux of managing an application’s performance lies in an enterprise’s ability to understand their application architectures. This is especially true for distributed application architectures, where performance and security issues can reside anywhere from the end-user device to the bare metal used in any of the network nodes.

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) enables the monitoring of network and specific application traffic at a packet level, providing service-type insights. These allow enterprise administrators to delineate where potential problems exist and find out whether the issues are network-based or exist on an application level.

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