Webinar: Cross functional analytics for increased profitability

How CSPs can make the most of their network data

To compete in today’s market, CSPs must manage ever-increasing volumes of data and high expectations from customers to ensure quality and availability. With network traffic increasing dramatically, CSPs cannot afford to operate in fragmented siloes. Now more than ever, they need solutions that help them to manage network data efficiently and cost-effectively while getting optimal value out of it.

By analyzing network data with R&S®INTRA, the traffic analytics solution by Rohde & Schwarz, CSPs can now gain and re-use valuable insights. Insights which ultimately help to make more informed decisions that enhance organizational efficiency. R&S®INTRA provides granular and multi-faceted visibility of the entire network with real-time reporting and export. This reporting includes both detailed and aggregated information on applications’ data rates, communication KPIs as well as flexible subscriber resolving.

RS image resource webinar RSINTRA

In this webinar, you will learn how traffic analytics by Rohde & Schwarz enables CSPs to:

  • remove isolated decisions and silos by establishing a comprehensive operational analytics model,
  • capture full value of data insights for every department with one unified IP analytics solution,
  • monetize additional services and save OpEx and CapEx,
  • gain future-proof analytics and increase customer retention, and
  • reduce cost and improve business performance as a whole.
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