IP traffic analytics for subscriber analytics


We know that our CSP customers need detailed insights into subscribers’ behavior. This is not only true for Customer Care, who need to be able to verify whether a subscriber’s claim is valid. Product Marketing and Network Planning also depend on granular subscriber information. Knowing how many and which customers are using the product’s bandwidth to its limit is key in order to encourage them to move to another product that suits their needs better. Likewise, automatic churn prediction can be a powerful tool, especially when you apply machine learning to it – if the right data is available.


With granular subscriber information and a rich set of metadata, R&S®INTRA the intelligence you need in real time. Additional subscriber attributes help to group the information by metadata in order to get exactly the report needed. You can filter by handset, by operating system or by contract. You can link trend applications to user groups or certain device types. Additionally, you can adjust the reporting granularity down to one second. This means that Customer Care can solve problems faster and even scrutinize whether the problem is related to the network or an external cloud server.

RS_image__icon_Subscriber analytics

Benefits of R&S®INTRA

  • Lower your churn rates and maximize customer satisfaction
  • Optimize your contract management
  • Resolve problems faster with highly granular drill down reports
  • Ensure detailed analytical insights and seamless integration into big data systems
Find the walth in your network data with DPI-enabled network traffic analytics


Know your subscribers and their requirements
to retain them and attract new ones