IP traffic analytics for revenue generation


With a steady growth in mobile network traffic, strong competition and the rise of 5G, CSPs operate in a cost-sensitive environment. OTT services cause a lot of network traffic that CSPs have to handle, while the benefit often remains on the content providers’ end. In order to thrive despite these challenges, CSPs need to reduce capex and opex and try to find new revenue streams.


R&S®INTRA discloses content delivery networks (CDN) and application usage up to the application attributes (e.g., audio/video). By linking information like growth prediction, device comparison and OTT insights on subscribers and apps, you gain crucial business knowledge, which empowers you to develop your own OTT services. This in turn helps you to increase revenue. Additionally, with KPI monitoring in the core network, you can reduce expenses for edge monitoring and consequently reduce opex. With thorough network planning based on real bandwidth usage, you are able to avoid overprovisioning and save capex.


Benefits of R&S®INTRA

  • Monetize additional services like data plan policies, OTT services, etc.
  • Reduce cost pressure
  • Adapt your network to real requirements and avoid overprovisioning
  • Prevent fraud and abuse with tethering detection
Find the walth in your network data with DPI-enabled network traffic analytics


Understand your network
and generate additional revenue