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Our end-to-end IP network analytics solution provides telco business intelligence to Communication Service providers. The increase of data rates in fixed and mobile networks and challenges such as 5G, Big Data and IoT are putting enormous pressure on network resources and infrastructures. If CSPs want to remain competitive in today’s fast-changing environment, a deep understanding of what is happening in their networks at any given time is crucial.

Get precise visibility of your entire network by implementing a customizable IP traffic analytics solution. This allows you to transform data into intelligence to make well-adjusted business decisions. Optimize service and application traffic by managing bandwidth. Deliver the best quality of service and quality of experience to attract and retain subscribers. Network visibility allows you to take control of your network. Make efficient use of network resources, reduce costs, and capital investment by avoiding the need to upgrade network capacity. Highly granular IP traffic analytics are crucial for network and business optimization.

Network traffic analytics business cases

Complex data call for new breed of network analytics. We empower you to transfrom this data into intelligence to make informed business decisions.

Use Case

Network planning

Despite the projected steady increase of network traffic, the average revenue per user is continuing to decline. Further challenges such as increasing operational costs and decreasing operational budgets make it more and more difficlut for CSPs to manage their networks cost effectively.
Rohde & Schwarz´s leading-edge IP traffic analytics solution provides real-time information about network traffic up to the application level providing greater control over the network, subscribers and infrastructure costs empowering CSPs to build cost-effective and profitable networks.

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Use Case

Revenue generation

As the average revenue per user and average revenue per account are continuing to decline, CSPs need to find new revenue sources and retain subsribers with innovative service offerings in order to stay profitable. With intelligent data analytics solutions from Rohde & Schwarz, CSPs gainthorough insights into the traffic data, sorted by different services going through their network and user behaviour data on how these services are consumed. They will be in a much stronger position to either negotiate
more reasonable deals, tie partnerships, or launch their own OTT-like services. This visibility will also be critical for host networks to negotiate wholesale deals with virtual network operators.

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Use Case

Subscriber analytics

Understanding how the network is delivering services to subscribers and how individual subscribers or subscriber groups experience the network is crucial for CSPs. By better understanding subscriber behavior and trends CSPs can monetize new services. Real-time subscriber insights allow CSPs to understand individual subscriber´s experience on their network and to react accordingly in order to optimize it if necessary.
With the right data and analysis provided by Rohde & Schwarz´s IP traffic analytics solution, CSPs are able to make informed decisions based on facts, rather than assumptions.

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Find the walth in your network data with DPI-enabled network traffic analytics

Find the wealth in your network data
with DPI-enabled network traffic analytics