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  1. Identifying bestseller strategies: analytics and content monetization for telecom operators

    When it comes to content business for telecom operators, borrowed strategies rarely work because no two markets are the same and no two operators are endowed with similar resources. This blog article discusses telecom operator content strategies and how real-time analytics of traffic flows help them develop, improve and implement these strategies. It assesses in particular, how DPI-driven analytics help in the choice of content and content partnerships, content delivery and pricing models.

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  2. Whitepaper: Creating values with intelligent traffic analytics

    Communication service providers (CSPs) can vastly increase their top line, optimise costs, as well as improve operational efficiency if they can get the best out of the increasing amounts of traffic and data going through their networks. To do so they need to adopt the right data strategy and choose the proper analytics tools.
    This whitepaper, produced in partnership with, demonstrates how CSPs should determine the criteria by which they select and implement the analytics tools, and how to integrate network analytics in the companies’ decision making processes.

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  3. John Hallett

    John Hallett is responsible for the EMEA market. Since joining Rohde & Schwarz back in 2013, he has not only developed existing business divisions but also opened new areas for all ipoque products successfully. Within more than 19 years of experience in sales as Account Director & Senior Account Director, he has been responsible for growth strategies and engagement approaches within key UK national and global blue chip client accounts. During this time, John has gained a strong profile in selling both complex software and hardware system solutions to network operators, enterprise and OEM market segments, such as Barracuda, DXC (Computer Sciences Corporation), Bombardier Transport, National Health Service (UK), National Grid and others.

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  4. Webinar: Secure High-Performance Networking in The Internet of Things

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is well on the way and carriers can see a major revenue opportunity. Indeed, IoT is the main driver behind many of the requirements for upcoming 5G specifications. But, IoT is not just another service offering; it is a paradigm shift requiring a much more open carrier network than ever before. This raises network performance management and security concerns.

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  5. DPI solution from Rohde & Schwarz helps Indigo Software reach new high in customer satisfaction

    Indigo Software embeds the deep packet inspection (DPI) engine R&S®PACE 2 into their web application security solution to enhance network protection and management. With the new traffic analytics capabilities, Indigo Software has been empowered to expand their business to highly regulated industries and markets.

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