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  1. IP traffic analytics for network planning

    Despite the projected steady increase of network traffic, the average revenue per user is continuing to decline. Further challenges such as increasing operational costs and decreasing operational budgets make it more and more difficlut for CSPs to manage their networks cost effectively.
    Rohde & Schwarz´s leading-edge IP traffic analytics solution provides real-time information about network traffic up to the application level providing greater control over the network, subscribers and infrastructure costs empowering CSPs to build cost-effective and profitable networks.

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  2. Rohde & Schwarz telco analytics solution supports mobile network operator in rolling out 5G

    Leipzig, Germany — February 3, 2020 — A feature upgrade of ipoque's telco analytics solution R&S®INTRA now allows efficient monitoring and traffic analytics of networks adopting 5G non-standalone mode (5G NSA). A mobile network operator requested this new feature in order to be able to roll out their 5G adoption strategy.

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  3. Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity Selected as Preferred Network Traffic Analytics Supplier by European Communication Service Provider

    After extensive technical evaluations and field-testing of all major network traffic analytics vendors, Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity has been identified as the only player able to deliver technology flexible enough for the provider.

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  4. Case Study: R&S®INTRA for a Tier 1 fixed-line operator

    Before implemeting our IP traffic analytics solution R&S®INTRA this Tier 1 fixed-line communications service provider had to do their network capacity planning based on estimations on traffic peaks instead of real-time data. With R&S®INTRA providing a granular picture of the customer's subscriber base and behaviour, R&S®INTRA delivers not only the desired information, but a wealth of business intelligence for all departments within the customer's organization.

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  5. Rohde & Schwarz introduces software IP probe R&S®Net Sensor OEM, enabling network analytics vendors to innovate faster and shorten time to market

    Leipzig, Germany, October 9, 2019 — ipoque GmbH, a Rohde & Schwarz company that provides market-leading network analytics software, announced today their new software IP probe, R&S®Net Sensor OEM. Designed with unique flexibility, scalability and versatility, R&S®Net Sensor OEM meets the demands of network analytics and cybersecurity vendors, as well as those of system integrators, regardless of set up and use case. The leading-edge IP probe, based on deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, will make its debut at the Mobile World Congress Los Angeles.

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  6. Identifying bestseller strategies: analytics and content monetization for telecom operators

    When it comes to content business for telecom operators, borrowed strategies rarely work because no two markets are the same and no two operators are endowed with similar resources. This blog article discusses telecom operator content strategies and how real-time analytics of traffic flows help them develop, improve and implement these strategies. It assesses in particular, how DPI-driven analytics help in the choice of content and content partnerships, content delivery and pricing models.

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  7. Case Study: R&S®INTRA for a Mobile Network Operator

    Without a deep understanding of what is happening in their networks at any given time, MNOs lack the business intelligence to make well-adjusted investments. The DPI-based telco analytics solution R&S®INTRA supports MNOs in rolling out 5G. It allows efficient monitoring and traffic analytics of networks adopting 5G non-standalone mode (5G NSA). Read our case study to find out how an MNO saved Capex and Opex and builds up a 5G-ready infrastructure by utilizing R&S®INTRA.

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  8. Case Study: R&S®INTRA for a Tier 1 operator

    Large Communication Service Providers (CSPs) manage complex networks with different types of access technologies, varying subscriber and reseller base. The lack of in depth analysis of the flowing traffic and the difficulty to monitor a hybrid network that combines various technologies and approaches, make creating an insightful picture a non-trivial task.

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  9. Company

    ipoque is a leading provider of OEM deep packet inspection (DPI) software and DPI-based IP classification. Our DPI engine R&S PACE delivers comprehensive visibility
    into network activity, empowering companies worldwide to transform raw IP data into business intelligence. ipoque stands for embedded DPI-based IP classification to achieve network visibility and intelligence for a safer and connected world.

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