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  1. NAT plug-in to uncover mobile tethering fraud

    The NAT/mobile tethering transparency plug-in by ipoque is an essential software tool to reveal devices behind a NATing device and uncover mobile tethering fraud in a specific network. By integrating the deep packet inspection software (DPI) R&S®PACE 2 together with our NAT/mobile tethering transparency plug-in, solution manufacturers focusing on visibility for fixed and mobile carrier networks can reliably detect unauthorized devices using NAT.

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  2. Solution brief - R&S®GSRM for enhanced filtering and forwarding in the mobile core

    With the rapid growth in subscriber numbers and traffic across LTE and 5G NSA networks, real-time session and subscriber awareness provided by R&S®GSRM equips mobile operators and vendors in the traffic management, policy control and network security space with complete visibility into user sessions in the core network. This enables operators and vendors to enhance their traffic management, policy control and network security functions with granular policies that correspond to subscriber attributes while also taking into account session-specific parameters.

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  3. Product brochure R&S®GSRM

    By integrating R&S®GSRM (GTP Subscriber Resolving Module) as OEM software, vendors boost their solutions with reliable subscriber awareness. This subscriber-level traffic visibility empowers network packet brokers and IP probes with session-aware traffic aggregation, filtering and load balancing capabilities enabling mobile network operators to optimize network performance, manage quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) for their subscribers.

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  4. Solution brief - R&S®GSRM for greater visibility in the mobile core

    To circumvent the limitations of traditional load balancing, network packet brokers can deploy the GTP Subscriber Resolving Module R&S®GSRM, which is developed by ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, to deliver subscriber and session awareness for the mobile core network. Using identification information provided by R&S®GSRM, a network packet broker is able to aggregate all packets of a session and filter them by each subscriber. Packets from the same session are forwarded to a single device such as an IP probe, providing complete visibility for any end device, across any user session. With GTP correlation, operators do not have to rely on bandwidth-intensive, traditional session analysis, which is limited due to its inability to scale up to rapidly increasing traffic volumes in the core.

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  5. Encrypted traffic intelligence for network traffic analysis

    Encryption greatly enhances the security and privacy of data. However, it introduces new challenges in terms of network monitoring and security, as it gives networks only limited visibility into the underlying traffic flows. To reinstate traffic awareness across IP networks, ipoque has enhanced its OEM deep packet inspection (DPI) technology with encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI) for accurate and highly reliable, real-time analysis of encrypted traffic. ETI complements ipoque’s market-leading traffic identification and classification methodologies and metadata extraction to deliver granular visibility for protocols, applications and services that are encrypted.

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