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  1. Whitepaper: Enabling Application-Centric Mobile Networks

    Demand for embedded application-aware network solutions is coming primarily from mobile operators as new applications and services hit the network daily with widely varying traffic patterns and bandwidth needs. Revenue is lagging, traffic is growing and users are increasingly demanding a consistently high quality of service regardless of where they are or what device they are using.

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  2. Whitepaper: Session and subscriber awareness in mobile core networks

    While general traffic awareness grants IP network operators an overview of the network, subscriber awareness goes a step further by unearthing deeper insights on the subscriber level. This whitepaper explains why subscriber awareness plays a key role in the management of networks and how vendors of network packet brokers and other equipment, as well as mobile operators, are able to enhance the performance of their network functions by incorporating the OEM software module R&S®GSRM.

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  3. Webinar: Building application-aware mobile networks using SDN and NFV

    Infrastructure vendors developing 5G network elements are making use of software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) benefits such as operational efficiencies and service agility for operators. This webinar explains why application awareness is key to the success of these archtiectures and how Affirmed Networks uses DPI to provide overall network intelligence at a highly granular level.

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  4. Rohde & Schwarz enhances Niagara Networks’ new mobile visibility solution with subscriber-aware intelligence

    Leipzig, Germany, March 23, 2021 — ipoque GmbH today announced a technology partnership with the Silicon Valley-based company Niagara Networks — a pioneer in providing an open visibility platform for mobile networks. By embedding a GTP subscriber resolving module from Rohde & Schwarz into their network packet broker offerings, Niagara Networks is able to bring mobile visibility with in-depth subscriber awareness into mobile networks. The subscriber-aware intelligence solution enables mobile operators to handle an enormous growth in subscriber data traffic and to establish and maintain high-quality user experience and security.

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  5. Delivering subscriber-aware load balancing through GTP correlation

    The volume and diversity of data on mobile networks is only going to increase over the years, making the challenges of load balancing evermore pertinent. In this context, smart load balancing through subscriber awareness can make the difference between a struggling and thriving mobile network. Traffic insights brought by real-time correlation of user and control traffic help deliver more responsive and reliable mobile networks.

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  6. Subscriber awareness for more efficient mobile network management

    Niagara networks boost their traffic visibility solution for mobile network security with GTP session correlation by R&S®GSRM. The enhanced Niagara Networks solution now offers mobile network operators comprehensive mobile traffic visibility intelligence that helps to optimize their network management and improve their quality of service and experience. Find out more in our case study.

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  7. How subscriber awareness augments mobile network security

    Conventional load balancing across mobile networks leaves network security functions with huge visibility gaps. Furthermore, in the context of 5G, the need for higher bandwidth and speeds across applications that are data-intensive and that connect to multiple end nodes simultaneously poses new challenges for operators. R&S®GSRM in combination with R&S®PACE 2 delivers deeper, more granular insights into the risks and vulnerabilities that are present in a mobile network. Operators benefit from enhanced network intelligence to manage and improve mobile network security.

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  8. R&S Mobile Network Testing Conference 2018

    In these digital times, mobile telecommunications has become an essential part of everyday life – fed by the continuous introduction of new technologies. Consequently, testing and benchmarking of mobile networks have reached a new level of complexity.

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  9. E-book: Video Optimization

    Mobile networks are, increasingly, video distribution networks. Indeed, it has become a task for major network architects to not only develop a mobile network, but to design a network fit for video distribution first and foremost.

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  10. NAT plug-in to uncover mobile tethering fraud

    The NAT/mobile tethering transparency plug-in by ipoque is an essential software tool to reveal devices behind a NATing device and uncover mobile tethering fraud in a specific network. By integrating the deep packet inspection software (DPI) R&S®PACE 2 together with our NAT/mobile tethering transparency plug-in, solution manufacturers focusing on visibility for fixed and mobile carrier networks can reliably detect unauthorized devices using NAT.

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