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  1. Delivering subscriber-aware load balancing through GTP correlation

    The volume and diversity of data on mobile networks is only going to increase over the years, making the challenges of load balancing evermore pertinent. In this context, smart load balancing through subscriber awareness can make the difference between a struggling and thriving mobile network. Traffic insights brought by real-time correlation of user and control traffic help deliver more responsive and reliable mobile networks.

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  2. How subscriber awareness augments mobile network security

    Conventional load balancing across mobile networks leaves network security functions with huge visibility gaps. Furthermore, in the context of 5G, the need for higher bandwidth and speeds across applications that are data-intensive and that connect to multiple end nodes simultaneously poses new challenges for operators. R&S®GSRM in combination with R&S®PACE 2 delivers deeper, more granular insights into the risks and vulnerabilities that are present in a mobile network. Operators benefit from enhanced network intelligence to manage and improve mobile network security.

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  3. Rohde & Schwarz launches OEM control and user plane correlation software module for mobile subscriber awareness

    Leipzig, Germany, October 13, 2021 — ipoque GmbH, a Rohde & Schwarz company, today launched R&S®GSRM, an OEM software module for the correlation of control and user plane within the core of mobile networks to resolve data traffic per subscriber. This subscriber-level traffic visibility empowers vendors of network packet brokers and IP probes to enhance their solutions with session-aware traffic aggregation, filtering and load balancing capabilities. Additionally, policy control, cybersecurity and IP traffic management solutions benefit highly from mobile subscriber awareness, easily integrated as OEM software.

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  4. Product brochure R&S®GSRM

    By integrating R&S®GSRM (GTP Subscriber Resolving Module) as OEM software, vendors boost their solutions with reliable subscriber awareness. This subscriber-level traffic visibility empowers network packet brokers and IP probes with session-aware traffic aggregation, filtering and load balancing capabilities enabling mobile network operators to optimize network performance, manage quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) for their subscribers.

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  5. Vector visibility: Why DPI is a must for vector packet processing

    Network traffic visibility, specifically application awareness, plays a key role in vector packet processing (VPP). It forms the basis for protocol or application-aware vectoring – that means, the creation of vectors where packets of similar attributes are batched together. It also enables a more efficient load balancing of packets within a forwarding graph. This article discusses VPP for software-based network functions such as VNFs and CNFs. It looks at how traffic awareness delivered by DPI software enhances VPP in the high-throughput classification of vectors, realigning VPP graphs to current traffic needs and managing VPP security.

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  6. Solution brief R&S®GSRM

    To circumvent the limitations of traditional load balancing, network packet brokers can deploy the GTP Subscriber Resolving Module R&S®GSRM, which is developed by ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, to deliver subscriber and session awareness for the mobile core network. Using identification information provided by R&S®GSRM, a network packet broker is able to aggregate all packets of a session and filter them by each subscriber. Packets from the same session are forwarded to a single device such as an IP probe, providing complete visibility for any end device, across any user session. With GTP correlation, operators do not have to rely on bandwidth-intensive, traditional session analysis, which is limited due to its inability to scale up to rapidly increasing traffic volumes in the core.

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  7. GTP correlation module R&S®GSRM

    R&S®GSRM by ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, is a software module that can be easily integrated as an OEM solution to gain visibility into subscriber data across 3G, 4G and 5G NSA networks in GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) tunnels. By embedding R&S®GSRM to correlate control plane and user plane traffic within the core of mobile networks, you can filter, forward and load balance subscriber-specific GTP sessions to and across appropriate subsystems to optimize network performance, service quality and user experience.

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  8. VPP DPI engine R&S®vPACE

    R&S®vPACE is a vector packet processing (VPP) deep packet inspection (DPI) engine designed for frameworks such as the Fast Data Project ( that empowers virtual and cloud-native network functions (VNFs/ CNFs) through high-performance, real-time IP traffic classification of thousands of protocols and applications. It is optimized for cloud computing, specifically to meet visibility and speed requirements for quality and security purposes. R&S®vPACE can be easily integrated as a VPP plug-in and shares the state-of-the-art signature portfolio of the leading scalar packet processing (SPP)-based DPI engine R&S®PACE 2.

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  9. From smart grids to tactile UX: How application awareness drives 5G service classes

    As applications evolve, so must networks. In 5G network slicing, application awareness plays a key role in shaping virtual instances or ‘slices’, enabling network operators to maintain network responsiveness and performance. How do traffic visibility and network intelligence provided by future-proof DPI software facilitate the management of network slices and what is the role of DPI in securing the applications and slices across today’s 5G networks?

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  10. The importance of SD-WANs and the need for application awareness

    In today’s digital economy, businesses rely on connectivity. SD-WANs offer predictable application performance and reliability along with secure, uninterrupted connectivity, but they need to be intelligent or application-aware to ensure advanced security, optimize user experience, enable real-time business decisions, and increase business productivity. With the help of embedded deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, SD-WAN vendors can now deliver intelligent routing, traffic steering and enterprise application performance with advanced reporting capabilities to take SD-WANs to the next level.

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