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  1. Product brochure R&S®vPACE

    With the shift to cloud-based networking, new computing methods driven by the performance and scalability needs of such environments are rapidly being adopted. The use of VPP, a cloud-optimized methodology based on batch processing of IP packets and a locally stored vertex memory cache, significantly improves speeds and latency. By using VPP, R&S®vPACE combines the advancements in cloud computing with the reliability and accuracy of its market-leading DPI techniques to deliver unparalleled, real-time traffic insights for virtualized and cloud-native functions (VNF/CNF) as well as 5G user plane functions (UPF) hosted and managed in the cloud.

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  2. Advisory guide: Build or buy DPI

    In this advisory guide, we are looking at the key factors to help you decide whether to build or buy a DPI solution. Because, when your network analytics or cybersecurity solution needs application awareness, choosing to build the deep packet inspection software in-house, using open-source DPI or licensing it from a DPI specialist can be a difficult decision. Whether it’s for software-defined networks to enable policy control and critical traffic steering or to protect corporate networks, IoT devices and cloud platforms from malicious attacks, choosing the right deep packet inspection solution is crucial. This free advisory guide summarizes the pros and cons of building or buying deep packet inspection software that you should consider before making a decision.

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