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  1. The importance of SD-WANs and the need for application awareness

    In today’s digital economy, businesses rely on connectivity. SD-WANs offer predictable application performance and reliability along with secure, uninterrupted connectivity, but they need to be intelligent or application-aware to ensure advanced security, optimize user experience, enable real-time business decisions, and increase business productivity. With the help of embedded deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, SD-WAN vendors can now deliver intelligent routing, traffic steering and enterprise application performance with advanced reporting capabilities to take SD-WANs to the next level.

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  2. From smart grids to tactile UX: How application awareness drives 5G service classes

    As applications evolve, so must networks. In 5G network slicing, application awareness plays a key role in shaping virtual instances or ‘slices’, enabling network operators to maintain network responsiveness and performance. How do traffic visibility and network intelligence provided by future-proof DPI software facilitate the management of network slices and what is the role of DPI in securing the applications and slices across today’s 5G networks?

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  3. Managing HetNets: How application awareness drives intelligent mobile data offloading decisions

    Mobile data offloading helps operators optimize network capacity, improve network performance, enhance service quality and provide ubiquitous connectivity. Deep packet inspection is key in enabling intelligent traffic offloading: It offers real-time identification of the underlying traffic — whether it is latency-sensitive, mission-critical or bandwidth-intensive — paving the way for enhanced network performance, and service quality.

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  4. Rohde & Schwarz showcases OEM network analytics solutions for application and subscriber awareness at RSA Conference

    Leipzig, Germany — May 25, 2022 — ipoque, a Rohde & Schwarz company, today announced that it will showcase its suite of OEM network traffic visibility solutions at RSA Conference, taking place June 6–9, 2022 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco in North Expo at booth 6379.

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  5. DEM deployments to grow ninefold over the next three years — DPI-driven application awareness critical to sustaining growth

    Leipzig, Germany, April 21, 2021 — ipoque GmbH, a Rohde & Schwarz company and provider of industry-leading OEM deep packet inspection (DPI) software, today published their first report on digital experience monitoring (DEM), addressing user experience monitoring for cloud and software as a service (SaaS), and the importance of real-time traffic intelligence provided by DPI. The report, which is based on a survey of leading DEM vendors, finds that 91 % of DEM vendors identify DPI as a key capability for enhancing DEM monitoring insights.

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  6. Whitepaper: DPI and 5G

    DPI’s granular classification capabilities help network operators manage an array of new applications and services introduced by 5G. Application awareness and detailed traffic analytics are key for various network services to support 5G's new features, such as network slicing and edge computing. Deep packet inspection technology empowers real-time traffic classification, feeding information into the network to support the implementation of these advanced features.

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  7. Solutions

    ipoque offers customizable and future-proof solutions that deliver comprehensive visibility of network activity. Our solutions analyze and classify network traffic efficiently despite encryption and obfuscation and help to ensure the highest connectivity and security.

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  8. OEM IP network analytics software


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  9. Reinstating cloud visibility with deep packet inspection

    Deep packet inspection software delivers cloud visibility by equipping analytics intermediaries with application awareness which can be used to select and forward cloud traffic to a wide range of monitoring, security and network management tools. For distributed applications hosted and delivered from different clouds, the analysis provided by R&S®PACE 2 ensures that no gaps are left unattended in managing and delivering critical applications. Likewise, R&S®PACE 2 enables further optimization of cloud security management by coupling inspection of traffic anomalies with application awareness.

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  10. DPI engine R&S®PACE 2

    The application classification and metadata extraction software R&S®PACE 2 is the best performing advanced deep packet inspection software on the market. When R&S®PACE 2 is embedded in networking and security products it adds real-time network traffic and application visibility up to layer 7. Our advanced deep packet inspection tool classifies thousands of applications and protocols, provides content and metadata extraction and delivers metrics and heuristics from IP traffic, even when faced with advanced obfuscation and encryption techniques. R&S®PACE 2 enhances network monitoring, network analytics and security solutions such as firewalls, routers, SD-WAN solutions, IoT gateways and is a critical enabler for a more secure, reliable and efficient network.

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