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  1. Webinar: Eliminating cybersecurity blind spots with DPI

    This webinar, produced in collaboration with Barracuda Networks, will review the hidden cyber security threats that Service Provides and enterprises need to combat.
    Dr. Klaus Gheri, Vice President for Network Security with Barracuda Networks, will discuss the new challenges of securing enterprise cloud access and the critical role that DPI has to play within Barracuda's network security solutions.

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  2. RSA Conference 2022 in San Francisco

    Come and meet with our team of experts.

    Date: 06 - 09 June 2022
    Location: Moscone North Expo
    Stand: 6379

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  3. Advanced DPI software for protocol and application insights


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  4. Barracuda firewalls rely on R&S®PACE 2

    “[...] Beyond award-winning products, we are committed to provide excellent support to our customers and partners. This is only possible if our technology partners can live up to the same high expectations and standards. [...]”

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  5. Whitepaper: Deep packet inspection

    Deep packet inspection has been an essential component of information technology networks for well over two decades. Internet traffic volume and encrypted traffic rates have increased exponentially over the years. At the same time, DPI software has evolved into a powerful tool to meet new network challenges and plays a vital role in today's internet and network infrastructures. With expanding technologies such as cloud computing, 5G or the internet of things (IoT), DPI-enabled protocol and application awareness is becoming even more important for networks.

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  6. How COVID-19 became the tipping point for enterprise digital revolution

    Despite the widespread availability of technologies that enable remote working and the remote management of operations and assets, it wasn’t until COVID-19 started shaking up large parts of the economy that enterprises really did rethink their current operational models. This included the way employees executed their daily tasks, how they work with business assets and how their outputs are monitored. The need to steer the business out of lockdowns and movement restrictions propelled most enterprises to work on this realization and saw overnight changes in company work rules, policies and most importantly, pushed the usage of Cloud and SaaS based applications to record levels.

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  7. Webinar - DPI: The key technology for next generation SD-WAN solutions

    The SD-WAN market is booming with increasing commercial interest and adoption plans. In order to stay competitive, SD-WAN vendors must advance their solutions with features and capabilities that stand out from competitors. Deep packet inspection (DPI) is necessary to support critical features such as real-time application visibility as well as enhanced security features and analytics in SD-WAN solutions.

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  8. GITEX technology week 2020 in Dubai

    Meet with our team of experts at stand Z2-1, Zabeel Hall 2 and discover how R&S can help your organization be ahead of 5G by driving innovation and creating value in the entire 5G network technology lifecycle. Discover how to manage the ever-increasing network traffic efficiently and ensure the best connectivity and highest security with the DPI software R&S®PACE 2 from ipoque. Schedule a meeting with our DPI expert John Hallett.

    Date: 6-10 Dec 2020
    Location: DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE + virtually

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  9. Maximizing the potential of ZTNA with deep packet inspection

    In today’s hybrid enterprise environments, zero-trust network access (ZTNA) is becoming increasingly important to improve the end-user experience while ensuring that the network is secured against attacks and malicious activities. This is possible with next-generation DPI software. DPI supports ZTNA in implementing granular, user- and context-aware authentication across different classes of users, devices, clouds and applications. DPI’s ability to identify traffic anomalies can also be used by ZTNA to identify cyberattacks and other threats on enterprise networks.

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  10. First packet classification in an encrypted world

    As new encryption technologies proliferate, caching-based first packet classification used in DPI will become increasingly ineffective in identifying the underlying applications and services. As a result, there is an urgent need to develop advanced DPI methods, leveraging machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) to ensure applications and services are effectively and accurately identified

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