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  1. DPI for SIEM and threat intelligence solutions

    Threat intelligence solutions like SIEMs are widely deployed by security analysts to protect sensitive network assets from the most advanced cyber threats. With about 7 billion internet-connected devices (according to data from IoT Analytics) next-generation SIEMs need to tackle the latest security breaches with advanced analytics. The challenge is in managing SIEM solutions to eliminate false positives and sort through the massive amount of data they supply quickly and efficiently. DPI-powered protocol and application classification by R&S®PACE 2 adds valuable real-time information as SIEM vendors can obtain real-time visibility into both plain and encrypted network traffic, as well as information on traffic KPIs.

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  2. Company overview

    As a global leader in the world of IP network analytics software, ipoque offers customizable and future-proof solutions that deliver comprehensive network visibility for advanced application and subscriber awareness. Our solutions analyze network traffic efficiently and ensure the highest connectivity and security enabling customers worldwide to transform data into intelligence. We combine German engineering with an international mindset. We know our customers and support them as long-term, reliable partners.

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  3. 5G World Summit London

    Rohde & Schwarz is leading the development of test solutions that accelerate the adoption of 5G and ensure the network performance and user QoE.
    Visit us at 5G World Summit to explore our solutions.

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  4. Webinar: DPI - The key technology for application performance monitoring solutions

    When it comes to managing application performance, most enterprises today use application performance monitoring (APM) tools. APM is a unified monitoring technique that uses analytics to provide visibility into the end-to-end performance of an enterprise application, measuring it against pre-determined performance, security and QoE targets.

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  5. Published articles

    As an agile software company, we provide future-proof products that deliver visibility into network traffic and subscriber activity. In this section, you can find the latest news and articles related to topics such as real-time layer 7 visibility, application awareness and deep packet inspection and how these technologies help to solve the challenges faced by our customers and industries of different verticals.

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  6. DPI for advanced IP probes

    In a world of increasing network convergence, where customer expectations and demands continue to grow, optimal network performance and quality are crucial. To guarantee the best quality of experience (QoE) and service (QoS), and to provide technologies needed to manage network expansion and control, real-time network and subscriber analytics is key. With an advanced monitoring solution including ipoque´s leading DPI engine R&S®PACE 2, your customers will get all information about IP traffic communication and always know who is doing what in their network. Detailed real-time IP traffic classification and metadata extraction within your IP-probe improves the effectiveness of an entire network ecosystem and can help your customers to accelerate their business.

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  7. CELARE integrates R&S®PACE 2 to boost their monitoring sensor T-Sense

    "Our customers are increasingly seeing the need to protect their highly sensitive IT and SCADA-controlled infrastructure against malware and attacks. We decided for Rohde & Schwarz as we recognized [...]

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  8. Buyers guide - Top 10 checklist for sourcing DPI software

    What are the top 10 criteria when licensing DPI from an OEM vendor to integrate deep packet inspection software into your networking or cybersecurity solutions?

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  9. Deep packet inspection for WAP vendors

    Today’s WAPs must offer high-performance wireless connectivity tailored to fit customer needs. Through DPI technology, WAP vendors can now deliver enterprise-class WiFi with the highest levels of performance and enhanced reporting capability. The flexible and customizable R&S®PACE 2 software simplifies integration of both, new and legacy products. The DPI software allows WAP providers to monetize Wi-Fi networks via enhanced real-time monitoring capabilities that enforce QoS based on dynamic network conditions to prevent Wi-Fi congestion, enforce usage rules for personal devices once they are on the network and strengthen network security measures.

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  10. Brochures

    Find the right brochure of our products tailored to your demands

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