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  1. Whitepapers

    Here you can find the latest ipoque white papers to learn more about deep packet inspection (DPI) and IP classification technologies. Dive deeper into the world of real-time network analytics and layer 7 application awareness to learn how DPI can solve challenges of network equipment and software vendors or service providers.

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  2. License next-generation DPI software from an expert, use open-source DPI or build an own DPI solution?

    Whether it’s for software-defined networks to enable policy control and critical traffic steering or to protect corporate networks, IoT devices and cloud platforms from malicious attacks, it’s crucial to choose the right deep packet inspection (DPI) solution. When your solution needs advanced application awareness as a key enabling feature you need to decide whether to build DPI in-house or to license the software from a DPI specialist. Accelerate your time to market leveraging ipoque's DPI OEM expertise. We help you to transform your business, ensuring that your breakthrough ideas get to market quickly without compromising your high expectations.

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  3. Encrypted traffic intelligence for network traffic analysis

    Encryption greatly enhances the security and privacy of data. However, it introduces new challenges in terms of network monitoring and security, as it gives networks only limited visibility into the underlying traffic flows. To reinstate traffic awareness across IP networks, ipoque has enhanced its OEM deep packet inspection (DPI) technology with encrypted traffic intelligence (ETI) for accurate and highly reliable, real-time analysis of encrypted traffic. ETI complements ipoque’s market-leading traffic identification and classification methodologies and metadata extraction to deliver granular visibility for protocols, applications and services that are encrypted.

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  4. Whitepaper: DPI for application performance monitoring

    In a world dominated by real-time applications, network insights are critical for both network service providers and enterprises to ensure that applications continue to deliver the experience and service levels expected by users. Deep packet inspection (DPI) technology, embedded in APM solutions, provides the network intelligence needed to manage application performance, determining root causes of performance issues, detecting inappropriate traffic and security risks, and reacting to network slowdowns before they impact end users.

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  5. Published articles

    As an agile software company, we provide future-proof products that deliver visibility into network traffic and subscriber activity. In this section, you can find the latest news and articles related to topics such as real-time layer 7 visibility, application awareness and deep packet inspection and how these technologies help to solve the challenges faced by our customers and industries of different verticals.

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  6. 5G World Summit Virtual

    Discover how to turn 5G visions into reality

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  7. Solution guide R&S®PACE 2

    ipoque's advanced OEM deep packet inspection software R&S®PACE 2 classifies thousands of network protocols and applications reliably, even in encrypted traffic, providing real-time IP traffic visibility needed for full network transparency and intelligence. By embedding the DPI software in their solutions, vendors of network equipment and software can enhance their products with state-of-the-art protocol and application awareness. R&S®PACE 2 can be deployed in a variety of use cases including Network Security (IDS/IPS), Next-Generation Firewalls, SIEM, Network Monitoring and Traffic Management, Policy and Charging, Application Delivery and Optimization, Analytics, and Mobile Data Offload. Learn more about R&S®PACE 2 features and capabilities, performance, use cases, integration as well as customer service and support in our R&S®PACE 2 solution guide.

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  8. Cloud, SaaS and SASE – Three reasons why DEM needs DPI

    Users want fast and seamless access to any application they need, with productivity hinging on how well these applications are delivered, regardless of whether they are corporate, cloud or SaaS applications. As such, Digital experience monitoring (DEM) will increasingly enter the focus of all enterprises, which means the need for traffic visibility provided by advanced DPI engines such as R&S®PACE 2 will continue to rise.

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  9. Company overview

    As a global leader in the world of IP network analytics software, ipoque offers customizable and future-proof solutions that deliver comprehensive network visibility for advanced application and subscriber awareness. Our solutions analyze network traffic efficiently and ensure the highest connectivity and security enabling customers worldwide to transform data into intelligence. We combine German engineering with an international mindset. We know our customers and support them as long-term, reliable partners.

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  10. Product brochure R&S®GSRM

    By integrating R&S®GSRM (GTP Subscriber Resolving Module) as OEM software, vendors boost their solutions with reliable subscriber awareness. This subscriber-level traffic visibility empowers network packet brokers and IP probes with session-aware traffic aggregation, filtering and load balancing capabilities enabling mobile network operators to optimize network performance, manage quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) for their subscribers.

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