Infotecs embeds R&S®PACE 2

Customer product: Cybersecurity and threat intelligence solutions

“We are extremely satisfied with the support and response we have received from the Rohde & Schwarz team. Their strong understanding of our needs and prompt, expert service delivery exceeded our expectations.”

Josef Waclaw

Background information

As a leading IT security vendor, Infotecs provides enterprises and organizations with advanced network solutions for protection against cyberattacks. Cyberattacks are devastating for any institution, as they bring about data breaches, direct costs and often, irreparable reputational damage. Over the last years, the frequency of attacks and the costs they accrue have grown to unprecedented levels.

To better detect these attacks and protect organizations against them, Infotecs tried several DPI solutions, including an open-source approach. It was the broad application and protocol classification of R&S®PACE 2 that finally convinced them. Its portfolio includes everything from enterprise applications to the complete SCADA range of industrial protocols. Moreover, it covers the mobile communications brought to enterprise networks through employees that access the corporate network from their own devices (BYOD). The CPU-agnostic architecture of R&S®PACE 2 allows for marketing-leading performance in a broad range of use cases. These go from rugged devices in industrial deployments to the decoding of the latest protocols. This way, after trying many different DPI solutions, Infotecs was able to fulfill all of their customer’s requirements by embedding R&S®PACE 2 in an innovative next-generation firewall.

Strategic Partnership

Read more about the strategic partnership between ipoque and Infotecs and how DPI enhances network infrastructure and security vendors´ products.
Infotecs´ press release. (only available in german)

Protocol and application classification with deep packet inspection (DPI)


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