The impact of P2P file sharing, voice over IP, instant messaging, one-click hosting and media streaming on the Internet

Internet Study 2008/2009

Starting in 2006, ipoque has conducted a yearly comprehensive study measuring and analyzing Internet traffic in eight regions of the world. The study includes statistical data about popularity and user behavior for all common network protocols. This covers most applications used in today’s Internet, such as Web browsing, media streaming, P2P filesharing, one-click file hosting, instant messaging, Internet telephony and online games.

Internet Study 2007

P2P file sharing still dominates the Internet. Skype is by far the most popular VoIP service. With its Internet survey 2007 ipoque publishes unique worldwide data about Internet user behavior. ipoque analyzed the Internet traffic based on 18 points within five regions all over the world and compiled vast statistics on current user behavior. The survey provides a valuable outline of the actual Internet activity.

P2P Survey 2006

P2P traffic generated by Internet file sharing is still on the rise in Germany. ipoque, provider of solutions for Internet traffic management and analysis, has conducted a survey on user behavior in the most popular file sharing networks during the last six months in 2006. The survey contains facts on the overall development of P2P traffic and detailed information on the type and amount of shared content. While current movies, music and computer games are still the most popular files, e-books and audio books have gained in popularity too. Also, pornographic content still has a significant share.