Decoding based on Deep Packet Inspection

The ipoque Protocol and Application Decoding Engine (PADE) is a software library for integration into networking equipment or for standalone use. PADE extracts information from network application data transmissions into configurable levels of detailed records ranging from individual event records to fully aggregated and correlated session transcripts.

Protocol events

One event is generated for each individual protocol operation providing the maximum level of detail in real-time. For example, each HTTP request immediately triggers a protocol event.

Protocol class events

Individual protocol events of an application session are intelligently aggregated by a protocol event correlation engine into a single, more complex and well-structured protocol class event.

Application Scenarios

Generation of layer-7 IPDRs/CDRs – or Intercept-Related Information (IRI) – and decoding of Content of Communication (CC) in lawful interception (LI) and mass interception network probes.

Extraction of application-layer meta data and fully decoded communication content from recorded network trace data as well as live interception data from LI probes and mediation devices for data retention and post-processing.

Extract application-layer and content criteria for bandwidth management and quality-of-service (QoS) rules.

Enable data leakage prevention, deep security scans and network access control based on application- and content-layer criteria.