Innovative subscriber and application reporting for PRX Traffic Manager

Traffic monitoring, reporting and trend analysis

Net Reporter is a centralized statistics collection, storage and analysis system which aggregates subscriber and network intelligence data from our PRX G-Series deployed across the network. Using the ability of Net Reporter to analyze, drill down and present vast amounts of traffic data, the operator business and network engineering can present actionable data in many different ways to support the strategic decision-making process driving investment and increasing average revenue per user (ARPU). Net Reporter also provides long-term statistics to simplify the identification of subscriber application usage trends and thus helps service providers develop new and tailored service models on top of their next-generation IP networks.

Statistics Net Reporter

Net Reporter Visualization

Network and Subscriber Visibility

Net Reporter's comprehensive and detailed traffic statistics facilitate the operator's network monitoring and troubleshooting down to the individual subscriber level.

  • Subscriber application usage statistics
  • Protocol & application statistics
  • Top-talker statistics for subscribers, protocols and devices
  • Policy class statistics
  • Individual and aggregated device statistics

Real-Time and Long-Term Monitoring

Net Reporter's long-term storage capabilities enable operators to identify application usage trends and thus help with capacity planning and new service creation to better monetize their network.

  • Seamless zoom across all timescales
  • One-minute data resolution for near-real-time monitoring
  • One year long-term data storage


PRX generates a large amount of fine-grained traffic statistics from its deep packet inspection (DPI) engine. Net Reporter collects, aggregates and stores these data and presents them via its web-based graphical user interface.

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