In-depth lawful interception and network analysis

ipoque’s DPX Network Probe is a passive probe for lawful interception and network analysis in real-time. It has been developed in close cooperation with law enforcement agencies (LEA) and state authorities and is tailored to their individual needs. DPX Network Probe is based on ipoque's certified deep packet inspection (DPI) engine PACE.

PACE enables the classification of network connections based on application protocols. Based on user-definable rules, content and signaling data of these flows can be recorded and forwarded to external devices such as mediation systems for further processing. These rules comprise target information including IP addresses, RADIUS user names, protocol-specific filtering criteria and arbitrary content keywords. The integration to an existing mediation system is easy to handle.

This unique combination of deep packet inspection and flexible target rules delivers high-quality interception data while avoiding the capturing of a large volume of unnecessary network traffic. It significantly reduces the burden on the subsequent processing and mediation systems. In addition to the interception functions, DPX generates comprehensive, application- and subscriber-aware statistics data on network usage providing an additional benefit for network operators.

Application Scenarios

The age of communication enables fast and multi-flexible interaction, communication and information exchange. The possibilities were never as multifaceted as today and the potential for misuse is incredibly high. The ease of anonymous communication and information exchange lends itself readily to criminal and terrorist activities. The new generation of Internet crime requires new investigation methods in addition to the existing criteria.

Internet Service Providers are obliged to provide law enforcement agencies with monitoring interfaces. To fight against Web crime LEAs need the right tools for investigation. Lawful interception is the legally approved monitoring of critical network traffic based on government orders and an effective tool against cyber crime. Because of the high reliability and the unique combination of deep packet inspection and flexible target rules, DPX Network Probe is the most effective tool for lawful interception and network monitoring.


DPX Network Probe Deployment

DPX Network Probe Deployment