Free Version of the PRX Traffic Manager available for download at

Leipzig, March 1, 2007 ipoque announces the launch of its Community Edition and the start of the customer portal. The software is available for all customers to download free of charge at The Community Edition is a fully functional software version of ipoque’s PRX traffic managers. It provides an effective bandwidth management tool.

With the PRX traffic managers, enterprises, universities, ISP’s etc. can control critical network traffic such as file sharing in peer-to-peer networks, instant messaging and Voice over IP. It is possible to detect and analyze the complete network traffic in real-time.

Download the Beta Version of the Community Edition from ipoque’s new ipoque customer portal for free

With this Community Edition ipoque makes the PRX traffic manager available for everybody to manage their network resources, helping to improve application performance and avoiding higher costs in the network. After a short registration everybody can download the software from for free. The software is provided as a boot image and is easy to install on standard hardware. The solution seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure. The Community Edition is a fully functional software version of the PRX traffic manager with a limited throughput of 2 Mbit/s. Configurations cannot be saved with the current beta version.

In addition to the Community Edition download, the new ipoque customer portal gives every customer the availability to submit feature requests. Additional services will be added on a continuing basis, including a customer forum and further support information.

About ipoque

ipoque provides network intelligence and policy control solutions using DPI technology to help fixed and mobile operators to better understand traffic patterns, monetize new data services and improve the quality of experience for their subscribers. ipoque delivers the best DPI engine through our OEM solutions, enabling consistent application awareness for bandwidth and congestion control, prioritized quality of service delivery and detailed network visibility.

Network equipment providers use ipoque's deep packet inspection technology in their network security, optimization and network management products to analyze the data traffic of hundreds of millions of Internet users. ipoque was founded in 2005 in Leipzig, Germany, and became a Rohde & Schwarz company in 2011.

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