Leipzig, October 22, 2007 - The latest firmware release 2.4 for the ipoque PRX Traffic Manager now supports bandwidth reservation and prioritization for business-critical applications such as VoIP and Skype. ipoque responds to the increasing popularity of bandwidth-intensive services like YouTube and Joost with a new module for the management of media streaming protocols. Existing modules are extended with additional protocol and application signatures.

New Quality of Service Management

The PRX Traffic Manager´s new QoS management now allows network operators to define bandwidth reservation and priority rules for all supported protocols and applications. Thus, a consistent service quality can be guaranteed for all users of business-critical applications. If the guaranteed bandwidth is not being fully used, it is dynamically made available to lower-priority applications.
Starting with this firmware version, the IP type-of-service (TOS) respectively the DiffServ codepoint (DSCP) fields can be used as additional traffic classification criteria. Different rule sets can be defined per user group classified based on this externally set value. This new feature dramatically increases the bandwidth management flexibility in particular for large Internet service providers.

New Streaming Module

The data volume generated by media streaming applications has dramatically increased in the last months. This can be mainly attributed to Web sites with embedded multimedia content like the Flash movies used by YouTube. This new module enables the detection, accounting and control of such applications.
The VoIP module, which so far supported SIP and Skype, is extended with protocol signatures for H.323 and IAX/IAX2.

About ipoque

ipoque provides traffic analysis and management solutions using DPI technology to help fixed and mobile broadband operators to better understand traffic patterns, monetize new data services and improve the quality of experience for their subscribers. Our application classification and analysis engine enables bandwidth and congestion control, prioritized quality of service delivery and detailed network visibility. ipoque was founded in 2005 in Leipzig, Germany, and has become a Rohde & Schwarz company in 2011.

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