Do you really know your network?
Do you really know your network?

Bandwidth management and network visibility prevent congestion and copyright violations

Universities often provide Internet to their students, having in mind that they use it mostly for research purpose. But especially in the dorms many students use their access to download movies, music or software from the Internet. File sharing sites or file hosting services (direct download links) are very popular among them. According to ipoque’s Internet Study, P2P applications, such as BitTorrent or eDonkey can consume well over 50 percent of the available bandwidth at a university. The consequences are clogged networks with less bandwidth for research projects, interrupted Skype calls and very often cease and desist orders following the copyright violations through P2P.

With our deep packet inspection solution we offer schools and universities a way to better control their network. P2P applications, for example, can be restricted with simple bandwidth management and whitelists created by the universities themselves to prevent copyright violations while legal file sharing is still possible. By giving priorities to mission-critical applications, the PRX G-Series ensures the uninterrupted operation of the network.

Use Cases

The simplest solution is priority management that favors important applications over less important which use a huge amount of bandwidth. It can be as simple as having a single bandwidth management rule that assigns P2P file sharing a lower priority than all other traffic. This approach is not only simple and highly effective, but it also allows universities to manage congestion. Using multi-tiered priorities enables the offering of improved quality of experience (QoE) for research traffic.

Comprehensive usage data helps universities keep track of user activities. Understanding what students do and what the most critical applications in the network are helps administrators to better plan their resources and solve performance problems. Constant network monitoring provides visualization of what is happening in the network.

ipoque’s PRX G-Series enables universities to manage their network traffic efficiently and allows legal file sharing with simple whitelisting.

The aim of whitelists is to get full access to legal P2P networks, such as Linux distributors or open source projects and restrict all P2P sites with mainly illegal content, such as movies. As a result whitelists prevent copyright violations.