Do you really know your network?

Deep packet inspection solutions for network operators, universities and vendors


With our deep packet inspection solution we offer schools and universities the possibility to control their network more efficiently. P2P applications for example can be restricted with simple bandwidth management and whitelists created by the universities themselves prevent copyright violations while legal file sharing is still possible.
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Network Operators

Network Operators today are facing a multitude of challenges: A skyrocketing demand for mobile data services and applications asks for an enormous increase in bandwidth while spectrum is scarce. ipoque's solutions help service providers reduce network costs and increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU) to stay competitive.
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Ipoque's PACE helps network equipment and security vendors enhance their products with powerful and proven Layer 7 protocol network management and application awareness capabilities. In addition, it accelerates time-to-market for a variety of different vendor use case scenarios and is designed for quick and easy integration.
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