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Reik Hesselbarth, President & COO

Reik Hesselbarth

Reik Hesselbarth is Chief Operations Officer at ipoque. In his position, Reik guides the development of the Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Customer Management and IT departments.

Prior to joining ipoque in 2012, Reik worked as a start up consultant at Leipzig’s Savings Bank and as the Managing director of a venture capital company supporting start up companies and middle-sized businesses in developing organizational structures and strategies to enable them to grow.

Reik has been a member of the city council of Leipzig since 2009 and a member of several committees, including the foundation for innovation and technology transfer in Leipzig (Leipziger Stiftung für Innovation und Technologietransfer).


Dirk Czepluch, President & CTO

Dirk Czepluch

Dirk Czepluch is Chief Technology Officer at ipoque. In his position, Dirk guides the development in the fields of Research & Development, Product Management and Quality Assurance.

Prior to joining ipoque in 2013, Dirk worked as an engineer and project supervisor at Rohde & Schwarz, Munich, being in charge of several product lines.

Dirk has published several scientific papers on the topics of tracking systems, antenna arrays and the general improvement of radiolocation systems.