April 19, 2012 - 10:21

Klaus Mochaski perpetuates his hand print on the ipoque wall of fame

Last Friday I moved my personal belongings from my office at ipoque over to my new office at Adyton Systems.

This was officially my last day in the company I devoted my professional life to over the last seven years.

And what an amazing experience it has been! I am grateful to my partners who founded the company with me and provided guidance and support over these years. And I am thankful to all our employees who helped build ipoque to become the great company it is today. I wish everybody the best of luck and a great future.

It was a tough decision to leave ipoque for good. Two things have made it easier for me. Firstly, I am extremely confident that ipoque will continue to grow and prosper – with the best of two worlds, the start-up mentality from ipoque and the experience and security from Rohde & Schwarz, which is reflected in the mixed management team. Secondly, Adyton Systems, the new company we have founded and I will lead as CEO, will maintain strong ties with ipoque. Adyton's next-generation firewall uses ipoque's DPI technology for its application control. And Rohde & Schwarz has invested in Adyton and become a shareholder and partner.

But one thing will never change. Even though I will focus on Adyton Systems over the next years, ipoque will always remain My First Company.


Wow, big news indeed! Biologically speaking, our bodies regenerate its cells every 7 years. So in truth, you could not physically prevent this change from happening. Change is good! as they say.

Victor Cruz (not verified)

Change is good, Victor is right about that, but you can't deny we had a great time here over the last years. And so I'm sure you'll miss us a bit and stop by from time to time!

Kristin (not verified)

You certainly have the background to develop new, creative solutions in cyber security ;-)
Maybe our paths will cross again?

Good luck!

Erik Larsson (not verified)

I am very impressed what you have reached in seven years. Therfore I wish you the same enthusiasm and energy for your next step.

Colin (not verified)

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