May 2, 2012 - 14:04

… and how it affects Net Neutrality.Hendrik Schulze at Webmontag

Having Internet is kind of a fundamental right in today’s world. Because the Internet is so important to us and at the same time still a relatively new and fast changing medium, it is widely discussed how to handle it. Net activists, companies and politicians try to strengthen their lobbies. As a company offering advanced network technology we are in the middle of this discussion. At least there is one thing of value that we can contribute: our technical view on things.

Last Monday we hosted the Webmontag  – an event series of the Kreatives Leipzig association. The topic was ACTA, net neutrality and DPI. We have spoken about net neutrality quite often over the last few years in blog entries, our white papers and in panel discussions. The reactions to which have been various, but rarely has it been like last Monday. It was the perfect example of people with conflicting opinions exchanging their views on a technology and its effect on society. And here’s the cool thing: Although it was a very controversy topic and all participants knew from the beginning that there wouldn’t be a solution or even a consensus it was very profound, fair and respectful discussion – something I very much enjoyed being part of. 

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I think you will enjoy the following article, which talks about some of the key issues:


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